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Erotic Shadows
2.7 | Clicks: 1,030 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
BDSM Paysite reviews with honest fetish recommendations by BDSM lifestyle reviewers. Erotic Shadows is BDSM information, free bdsm previews and honest reviews of extreme sites.
Pain Junkies
2.3 | Clicks: 1,004 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
The agony junkies are addicted to pain and punishments. The reports cover severe sadomasochistic adventures, bizarre underground sexualities and mad female humiliation scenes. S&M stories are told by true lifestyle slavegirls and masters, picture and video footage display the pain, the screams and the crying that flow freely in the world of the sm torment junkies.
Extreme Needle Pain
3.1 | Clicks: 885 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Extreme needle pain and tit torments of screaming british bdsm slave Emily Sharpe in piercing punishments and intense pussy agony with needles inserted into Emilys nipples and through her pussy lips as the horrified slavegirl moans in fear and pain of the cruel pussy torments and needles.
Red Torture
2.3 | Clicks: 795 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
chinese bondage, torture, free pictures and video
Bondage Screams
2.3 | Clicks: 793 | Comments: 4 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Screaming slavegirls in unique bondage and intense S/M
Shadow Slaves
3.0 | Clicks: 675 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Beautiful real life slave girls tortured, degraded and beaten in some of the darkest and most imaginative scenes available on the net. From international fetish stars to lifestyle amateurs, the pain and humiliation is real and brutal. This is not glamour bondage or porn stars acting, this is real hardcore SM action, with genuine tears, real fear and earth-shattering orgasms. Original and exclusive pictures and full length videos for you to download and keep. Free samples.
Extreme Pain Ressources
2.0 | Clicks: 488 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Find the hardest SM, Spanking & Punishment sites outthere.
Amatuer Pain - Extreme BDSM and Pain Videos
2.0 | Clicks: 467 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Exclusive Amateur Pain Videos and Extreme Slavegirl Torments
S.I.C.K. Munch
2.0 | Clicks: 421 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Wichita BDSM The Wichita S.I.C.K. Saturday Munch is a select group of Sadomasochistic individuals Culminating in Kansas for some sick eats and a sharing of common interest in hardcore kink, serious fetish, S&M, bondage, dungeon play, and all else that is kinky perverse, sexy, deviant and deprived.
Play Piercing Pain
3.0 | Clicks: 395 | Comments: 12 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
German amateur slavegirls in severe needle pain and saline injection BDSM sessions
BDSM 4 All
2.3 | Clicks: 394 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Huge site featuring extreme BDSM & Spanking Pictures.
Insex Archives
2.0 | Clicks: 365 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
An informative entertaining yet and edgy meeting place for all insexarchive fans and friends. Taking you on a blogtastic journey into the hardcore bondage world of our bdsm kinked up blogdom.In the blog you can read a summary of each article the infamous INSEX web site produced the most spectacular and artistic and creative bondage the world has ever seen. Severe, shocking, and gritty. Each article regularly took women on a journey beyond their most intimate and delightful sexual fantasies, unspeakable and perversions. Catch up and read about your favorite articles in the Insexarchives blog today.
BDSM Cinema
2.0 | Clicks: 335 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Extreme Pain Theater
Oriental BDSM
3.0 | Clicks: 331 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
In Eastern Asia they have a long tradition for female bondage and BDSM. True Masters of the Rope and stunning slavegirls are found in beautifull yet intense sessions of pleasure and pain round the oriental shores.
Painsluts - Extreme Masochists and Erotic Torture
2.0 | Clicks: 321 | Comments: 4 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
S/M and Pain loving female slaves. Painsluts is the home of pain craving S&M slavegirls and sado masochists. We feature free BDSM picture galleries. S&M Videos and information on female slavegirls. Special feature on faces of pain. The tears, the screams and the face distorted in the agony following a painful punishment. Painsluts provide you with Slavegirl Listings including free torture galleries and BDSM videos. Extreme BDSM guides and stories of torments and punishment.
China Bondage
2.3 | Clicks: 315 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
American website featuring Chinese girls in Bondage and light BDSM
Noir Sado Maso
3.0 | Clicks: 294 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Nosehook Torment and Nose bondage
3.0 | Clicks: 290 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Japanese fetish model Tigerr Benson is placed in nose bondage by her master. Her nose is pulled backwards by the nosehook making every movement painful. Placed on the dungeon floor the oriental bdsm slavegirl has her clitoris worked over by the pocket rocket making it impossible to sit still - and thus making her constantly pull on the strings attached to her nosehooks. Tigerr Benson screams in a wild mixture of the dildo pleasure and the humiliating facial pain she is exposed to. Blonde british slavegirl Chaos has her face painfully pegged and a nosehooked attached to a beam in the dungeon ceiling. The cute submissive pulls painfully on her nosehook as her tits are whipped and the clamps on her face toyed with by her cruel master.
The Russian Woodshed
2.0 | Clicks: 266 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
The \"Russian Woodshed Spanking\" features only 100% real flagellation sessions, no makeup or other methods of falsification of the marks are employed. You see very hard ass thrashings and close views of the instruments smashing the flesh, and the aftermaths, which are really shocking. The presented sessions are real punishments for real faults. This site acquaints you with traditions of corporal punishments in the modern Russian families, practicing the old-fashioned life style.
Breast and Pussy Whipped
3.0 | Clicks: 255 | Comments: 3 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Screaming british fetishmodels in bondage and extreme breast whipping punishments. Blonde fetishmodel Donna Denniere in strict breast whipping and pussy spanking punishments. Painful breast spanking and pussy whipping for submissive bdsm slave Donna from England. The cute blonde screams in agony as the riding crop viciously punishes her tits and pussy. The riding crop repeatedly strikes blonde Donna directly on her tits and nipples causing her to moan and scream in pain. Brunette british slavegirl in bondage and extreme whipping punishment. The cute slavegirl Emily Sharpe is tied up spreadeagle in the dungeon and whipped between her legs and on her big tits. Screaming english female slave Emily in bondage pussy whipping and extreme spanking in the dungeon

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Indian Sahara Knite in BDSM
3.0 | Clicks: 249 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Indian slavegirl Sahara Knites tied electro pain and nipple clamped bdsm tit punishments in the dungeon. Sahara is punished with a sparkling electric violet wand on her pussy and tits, has her nipples and tits painfully clamped and pulled. The longhaired indian beauty screams as her master torments her.
Kinky Core BDSM
2.0 | Clicks: 246 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Christine Thunder BDSM / FETISH archive - Bondage, spanking, self torture
Public BDSM
3.0 | Clicks: 220 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Blonde amateur slavegirls public bdsm and kinky fetish spanking on stage at a fetish fair in Belgium with Mystiques in bondage and bullwhipped on her bare bottom in front of a huge audience at the fetish fair in Antwerpen where paddles and single tail whips are used to mark her increalingly red ass
Thumbnail Post - Updated Daily
3.0 | Clicks: 217 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Quality Kinky Galleries
Bizarre Asian Adventures
3.0 | Clicks: 202 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Bizarre medical japanese pussy examination and extreme blowjob action for blindfolded oriental submissive Michiko. The darkhaired and pierced japanese amateur has suction cups on her pussy and clitoris, a medical speculum inserted deep inside her vagina and a buttplug filling the extra hole. An erosolator is used to take Michiko to an incredibly loud screaming orgasm.
Pied La Peine
3.0 | Clicks: 197 | Comments: 1 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Avulsion Net - Home of the Extreme
5.0 | Clicks: 191 | Comments: 0 | Added: 10-06-2014 | details
Nothing is too extreme on this site! Find over 5000 extreme pictures including tore up bodies, cunts raped, tortured, and snuffed, 200+ videos, and much more! 100% free with no ads for logged in members!
The Tortured Soul Forum
5.0 | Clicks: 185 | Comments: 0 | Added: 06-28-2015 | details
3000+ gore/sex/snuff pictures and videos, IM chat, stories, extreme links, and tonnes of discussions for members. Free! There is no going back.
3.7 | Clicks: 184 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Pain is Pleasure. Free Torture Videos and Extreme Pain Galleries.
Mistress Violator - Premier Dominatrix in the North of England
4.3 | Clicks: 176 | Comments: 0 | Added: 05-08-2012 | details
Mistress Violator is a stunning 6' tall Premier Dominatrix in the North of England. She is almost insatiable in her lust for power and dominance and is always in need of fresh slaves for her entertainment. She craves new willing subjects to offer her new challenges and complement her host of loyal devotees - the question is, are you ready to serve The Violator?
Nose Torture
2.0 | Clicks: 170 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
The art of consentually tormenting the female nose with nosehooks, needles and clamps. The pain and humiliation of facial BDSM in stories, pictures and videos focusing on the punishments of the nose in Japan as well as Europe.
Girls Tied Up Tight
2.0 | Clicks: 162 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Bondage site specializes in providing custom fetish and hardcore bondage and discipline for the fetish or erotic entertainment industry. Featuring only the most beautiful women and finest photographic talent
Humiliation Des Femmes
2.0 | Clicks: 159 | Comments: 6 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Bondage Paper
2.3 | Clicks: 158 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
News from the kinky world
The Pain Files
2.0 | Clicks: 156 | Comments: 5 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Extreme BDSM and Pain
Monsters Ball
3.0 | Clicks: 153 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Bondage Fetish Supermodel KumiMonster in a Rare Adventure into Pleasure and Pain. She is tied up to a beam in the dungeon, and her tits are filled with biting breast clamps. The BDSM Master makes her hotwax her own tits by holding candles over them in her mouth.
Facial Needles
3.0 | Clicks: 151 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Facial needle pain and extreme bdsm piercing punishment of kinky slavegirls Gina and Chaos. The two submissive lifestyle BDSM slavegirls have their faces covered in hyperdermic playpiercing needles for a scary and painful sessions of needle torments.
Female Spanking
3.0 | Clicks: 146 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Extreme corporal punishment caning and strict over the knee spanking of two lesbian slaves. Miss Chaos and Domina Dorothea dominates and punishes their lesbian slave girls viciously with hand spankings, hairbrush punishments and cruel canings on their
Filthy and Bizarre
3.0 | Clicks: 145 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Extreme humiliation and bizarre messy degradation of kinky fetish slavegirl Emma Louise in the weird and dirty dungeon. Emma Louise likes it messy and she gets exactly what she has bargained for in this messy trashing. Extreme messy humiliation and degrading domination of the filthy pig Emma Louise. The extreme basement humiliation of british submissive Emma Louise leaves her covered in filth and garbage, sobbing and crying, smelling unimaginably bad - and loving every minute of the rough bdsm adventures she has undertaken with her bizarre and cruel master.
My First Bondage
2.0 | Clicks: 144 | Comments: 0 | Added: 11-17-2010 | details
Best first time bondage girls on the net!